In Playa del Carmen we arrived by the regional bus opertator ADO. After a 2,5 km walk with our big backpacks through the sun our cool golf ball BoB and we checked in at our apartment whch was rented by Ina, a very nice Swedish woman, and her lovely cats. The double room was cosy, clean and lovely decorated and equipped with a small kitchen, a nice bathroom and we could also use Ina's green garden in the backyard.. The best about the apartment was its great location. From the house entrance we could already see the beach and within in a few walking minutes we were swimming in the Caribian Sea.


If you are staying at Ina's place, check out the restaurant 'Los Molcajetes' which is just around the corner. There you get a very delicious 'menu del día' for only 50 pesos including a drink.

What we like very much about Ina's place is that you are away from the city center and that you are only surrounded by locals. Strolling around and seeing how they live is very interesting and impressing. If you want to stay at Ina's appartement, check out on


In Playa del Carmen we stay for five nights so we have enough time to discover the city.  Today we went to the center with its cute shopping street. Covered by palm trees you find a lot of souvenir shops, nice restaurants and bars. Although its a tourist place it's not as busy as Cancún. So if you prefer a more quiet place, come here :) Close to the center is the beautiful beach. You never have to go far. But here in the center the beach is much busier. Hundreds of people and colorful things cover the beach sand. For us it was too much. But we have to admit that it was fun passing the crowd. Everybody is showing off, one body is more trained than the other :)


A natural highlight in Playa del Carmen are the pelicans. Along the whole beach you can watch them hunting fish. It's spectacular how they scan the sea and then, suddenly, 'attack' the water. Don't miss it!



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