Okay, BoB and we are not as experienced as many other travellers who have a travel blog. And the travel tips on almost every web page a very similar. But you can't have a travel blog without travel tips, right? So we try our very best to give you some tips for your travel around the world . . . or around the corner - doesn't matter :).


If you have a topic we should write about, or if you need more information on some travel tips, leave a comment or contact us directly. BoB and we are happy to help, when it comes to plan the BEST ADVENTURE OF YOUR LIFE.



Yeah your right, BoB doesn't need a lot to carry around :) but we have sooo much stuff. Benefit from our experience and have a closer look on our backpacking list. Here it is!



Everybody knows Lonely Planet. But for a good reason - it's GREAT! It is the Bible for every traveller and if you are planning to visit a country with your backpack, you need this guide book. BoB and we don't have a Lonely Planet for every country, as it is too much to carry, but also the Lonely Planet webpage is very helpful. 

A lot of hostels have book-shelves where you can find Lonely Planets. Sometimes not the latest version but it is still very helpful.


If we are not on our own webpage to write a new blog post :), we are on Tripadvisor to check out our next hostel, a good restaurant for the evening, or a nice sightseeing spot. We usually listen to the locals regarding good travel tips, but it is always good to double check it. We can highly recommend you to check this site before entering the next hostel, if you don't want bad surprises. Check it out here.



When we are looking for a hostel, we almost always do our research on It offers many hostels, has reliable reviews, significant pictures, and it is easy to book. There are of course many more web pages for hostels, but we can recommend this one.


Sometimes BoB and we want to have a little bit more privacy. In that case, we don't want to stay in a hostel, which is usually full of young adventure people (which is good). From time to time we like to have full service :). is the best booking platform. Sometimes they have really good deals and you pay the same price like in a hostel, when you share a double room.

COUCHSURFING is a great platform for staying for free at somebodies place. It's a good possibility to get recommendations for what to do, sometimes you cook together and many hosts are happy to show you around in their home town. Unfortunately this website is more and more becoming a single platform. As we are three people . . . well a couple and a golf ball, we hardly find hosts. If you have a good profile picture, and especially when you are a young woman, your chances to get a couch for one or two nights increases enormously! ;) Always READ THE REVIEWS  about the host before you couchsurf. Also make sure your friends and family know where you are!


A very good alternative to is airbnb. Especially, if you want to stay somewhere for a longer time than just a few days. You can find almost any kind of accommodation. It doesn't matter, if you are just looking for a single room or a whole house. Also the payment system is a good one. You pay in advance with your credit card but airbnb holds on to your money until 24 hours after you check in. So you have a enough time to check the accommodation and to cancel it in case it doesnt offer what it promised.

We had some good experiences on airbnb for a reasonable rate.


You wonder why we recommend a tent? Just because we already had amazing experiences with it. You don't need a tent in Central America - it is just to hot and the areas to camp are not very safe, but in South America for example it is just beautiful and also very cheap. There are a lot of camping sites, but also many hostels offer a camping place. This is great as you can camp and have all the amenities of the hostel. You really should think about it ( in safe areas).



This is a great opportunity to safe or even to earn some money. As we are to old and don't have a work and travel visa, we can only volunteer, but still. Safe money and meet great people! We can highly recommend It has many hosts, good reviews and is up to date. Give it a try! (if you have some time) The fee to register is very low!


To be honest, we think it is not as good as workaway, but you can find other hosts here. This almost doubles your chance of finding the right job for you. It has not so many hosts and the webpage doesn't look as good as others, but it is still o.k and the registration fee is also very low. Here is the link!



 We met so many volunteers and hosts and there is one thing to mention:

- Volunteering does NOT mean that you have to work for a month without a day off!

- It does NOT mean that you have to work 10 hours a day or doing nightshifts at the reception by your own!


Please, if you have the feeling the host treats you more like a slave and you just get a bed and breakfast in exchange, LEAVE. Some hosts just exploit your benevolence!

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